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Brand Design 

Avodough is a concept brand created by Michelle of MKWCreative.Co.

Natural, Adventurous, Creative, Millennial, Inclusive, Modern, Cross-cultural, & Sustainable

The brand goals for Avodough are to become a reputable community hot-spot that attracts visitors, exposes them to new and creative dishes, and cultivates a community of diehard brand ambassadors who love to post about Avodough and wear their merch. Avodough is an inclusive place for all avocado lovers to gather.

Avodough (2).png
Color Palette Close Up.png
Main Logo.png
Color Variations.png
Alt Logos .png
Alt Logo Color Variations.png
Supporting Elements.png
Mock ups.png
Mock ups (2).png
Mock ups (3).png
AvoDough Brand Presentation.gif

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