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Baggage Claim
Brand Design

Baggage Claim is a concept brand created by Michelle of MKWCreative.Co.

Curated, Luxury, Creative, Thoughtful, Fashionable, Worldly,
Elegant, Chic, Modern, Polished

Baggage Claim is a concept created by Michelle of MKW Creative Co for her famous Kiss My Portfolio Brand Design Challenge. Over the course of 10 days, you are able to turn in your work to be critiqued by Michelle and guest judges from all design backgrounds. 

Creating this brand was definitely something out of my comfort zone due to the luxurious nature of the brief, but I had so much fun during the process and I truly love the outcome. This was created with travel and luxury in mind and I believe that is portrayed through the color palette. Another nod to travel is the triangle icon created, which was inspired by the corner brackets on old suitcases. I hope you enjoy all aspects of this brand as much as I do!

Cover Page.png
Color Palette Close Up.png
Main Logo.png
Color Variations.png
Alt Logos .png
Alt Logos  (2).png
Alt Logos  (3).png
Mock ups.png
Baggage Claim Presentation.gif
Sneak Peak (1).png
Mock ups (2).png

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