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Calista Flower Delivery

A-List Brand Design

Sophisticated, Simple, Modern, Unique

Calista Flower Delivery is a concept brand created by Branding Expert, Taylor Amy. Calista is a Flower Delivery via box business so you can ship your flowers across the whole country! Requirements included main + sub logo, color palette, box/mailer design, a thank you card, + any extras you felt were necessary to elevate the brand. There was also an additional challenge to not use the color pink, which did put a little wrench in my side by ultimately made the brand stand out a bit more.

Cover Page_Main Logo.png
Cover Page_Main Logo (2).png
Alt Logos_Submarks.png
Cover Page_Main Logo (3).png
Mockup (4).png
Mockup (3).png
Mockup (2).png

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