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Gay at Home Mom
Brand Design

About the Design

Gay at Home Mom was created by my good friend Lizzie Cullen. Lizzie was looking for a brad design to set her apart in the food and blogging industry. I instantly had this vision of a vintage homemaker vibe and wanted to bring a modern and independent twist to that. I also wanted to represent the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ+ flag but make sure it was sophisticated, which is why the color palette is slightly muted and more pastel. I am so happy she trusted me with my vision and I think this brand really pops! 

Gay at Home Mom.png
Color Palette Close Up.png
Color Palette Close Up (2).png
Main Logo.png
Color Variations.png
Alt Logos .png
Alt Logos  (2).png
Alt Logos  (3).png
Alt Logos  (4).png
Mock ups.png
Mock ups (2).png

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