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Hive by Happy Money

B2B Product Design

Onboarding - RemittanceOnboarding.png
Onboarding - Review + CommunicateOnboarding.png
Onboarding - OrdersOnboarding.png
Onboarding - IntroOnboarding.png
Dashboard - No Orders-3.png
Dashboard - No Orders-2.png
Dashboard - No Orders-1.png
Dashboard - No Orders.png

Associate Product Designer

Lindsay Trump

My Role:

Onboarding Screens + Homescreen

Other Team Members

Treasure Brown, Senior Product Designer

Tools Used


Onboarding Screens:




The Problem:

New Customers were unable to properly understand the Hive Platform when first logging in which would cause confusion around how to navigate each page properly.

The Solution:

The first solution was to create Onboarding screens that easily identified the purpose of each page so the user had a better understanding of how to Navigate Hive. Once the Onboarding screens were completed, the user would land on an empty Sales Page which did not add much value to any user logging in, let alone a new user. We found there was a need for a proper landing page that provided the necessary information for any user logging in. We decided to include 3 stats that would be useful to monitor sales, as well as notifications and future updates. 

The Process

User Flow

When I entered this project, there was no established user flow that allowed us to know the process these users actually go through. I wanted to gain more knowledge about Hive and understand what the users were experiencing. I worked alongside our Director of Design to create a comprehensive user flow that allowed us to understand the exact steps a user takes from the beginning of the process up until a Sale happens. 

Hive Onboarding + Automation Think Space.png

Final Designs

The final designs we landed on put the user first and allow them to fully understand the product and what were are aiming to accomplish. 


Onboarding - IntroOnboarding.png

New User Home Screen

Dashboard - No Orders.png

Existing User Home Screen

Dashboard - Ongoing Users.png


  • Is there a more effective way to get the users familiar with the platform?

  • How useful are the Onboarding Screens and how many people skipped this step?

  • How might we make the Homescreen more appealing to the eye?

What's Next

Ideally, I would love to have created a Tour style onboarding experience that allowed the users to interact with the product to get to know each important page and section. Additionally, I would have loved to implement the new branding style with the Homepage and added fun illustration elements to fill any empty space.

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