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I'll Tell You in Person
A-List Brand Design

About the Branding

I'll Tell You in Person is an up-and-coming Podcast and Brand created by Angie and Aylin! Angie and Aylin are two powerful Latina women who are looking to share their life experiences and different points of view on every topic under the sun! This is something that is severely lacking within the podcast industry. When approaching the design with them, we wanted to make sure it was bold, empowering, inclusive, cultural, and all-around fun. The colors really help transform the branding into those brand goals, as well as all of the additional elements created.



I'll Tell You in Person is no longer an active podcast.

Cover Page.png
Color Palette Close Up.png
Main Logo.png
Main Logo (2).png
Color Variations.png
Alt Logos .png
Mock ups.png
Mock ups (2).png
Mock ups (3).png
Copy of Branding Template.gif

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