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Go-Getter Brand Design

About the Branding

This was a super special project for me since I have known Aundre, aka KaliRxse, since middle school! (Circa 2008?) He has always been so passionate about his music and I am so happy he is finally fully pursuing it. He really wanted to include a design element that helped explain the meaning of his name, which is where the 'RX' came from. We also included the flower of life, which is said to represent the cycle of life and contains the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole. Please scroll to see the branding in its entirety with mock-ups for posts and social media.  

Avodough (2).png
Color Palette Close Up.png
Main Logo.png
Main Logo (2).png
Alt Logos .png
Supporting Elements.png
Mock ups.png
Mock ups (3).png
Mock ups (2).png
Digital Mock ups.png

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